Friday, August 24, 2007

Screaming caligula cargo blues


Is not a code for a time machine hidden behind a wall in tooting as you might have thought you presumptuous fools.

It is a date and on this day-I hope I have not got it wrong. Something emerge from the funeral pire that is London. It farted out of London's ripped backsides so to speak as a beautiful if slightly messy excretion. It relieved London's bowls I think.

The event started with a band I forgot the name of. They were loud and stuff but they stood with there sides to the audience unfortunately. This made it hard for me to engage with them .

Then wrath of God syndrome I will work out the name one day has something to do with revelations and stuff. Bible stuff maybe. Save the queen why don't you. whoops I slipped she was too greased up and fell into a bottomless pit. Sorry Prince Philip. They had Caligula playing in the background. they obviously enjoyed themselves as did the audience. It was mayhem. Id love to see em with a bigger audience. Then reality might mimic the noise. A spectacle to be sure.

Screaming tea party- spaz primitive dancing for me then.

I remember the first bands name - the electric love affair-electrocution execution revolution.

woo hoo.

I recommend choke on this nights- a thing to do if you are not at the Chistlehurst caves.


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