Monday, September 04, 2006


Hello there all

Had a good weekend went to see Christian Silva which was cool. They played a great set ones to watch. Good sounds and plenty of magners so had a headache on saturday. This was healed by England winning five nil to be expected really wish crouchy got a hat trick but you cant have everything.

Then I went to the shacklehouse arms in dalston. Where there were some great live acts playing which I dont remember the names of however I will post a link on here.

I started a painting on saturaday-A giant running through tribal terroitory. Just praticing my technique really. Will post this also.

Today Ive been drawing my comics 4th issue hard work. Its way longer than I thought it would be. Will post all three issues. Which will be available soon.

bye for now.

Pictures are coming I promise.


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