Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Better pic

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

wundeville pics


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Links to Mural

Hopefully more stuff will be posted on these sites.


Will post better pics.

This is the mural I did will post better pictures

Friday, September 22, 2006


Been painting a mural at 3-10 shoreditch high street. Its half done. Its a scene of bewildering absurdity. Eyes moving helter skelter, big rock candie mountains and peculiar beast grazing.
doing this with monorex-

Will post pictures of finished piece.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


staring it gazed at the curtains rendered in oil and discovered 'a labyrinth of ever changing complexity and significance'.

and found in flowers 'a perpetual unfolding of everchanging apocalypses'.

Have visions, Outrospection detection.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Sunday was funday. Monday is tuesday.

I saw Gods of Wrath syndrome last night quality. Check myspace for them.

Bands at beyond the valley shindig.

Princes in the Tower
Wave Pictures
The Fabulous Penetrators
Bear Family/Stamford Hill Gun Club (DJ)

Check myspace for them T>F>P were spiffing.

Ruin is myth perpetuated by low down dirty beckniks-radical.

Friday, September 15, 2006

HiIgildy pigidy hop scotch phylegm.

Hello dregs. Hows your dirges?

Went to this last night too much gin and arm wrestling.

Festooned qwagmire soul.

Wunderville was fun the walk home wasnt.

Post pictures and band names asap.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today is tommorrow's yesterday.

Walking sleep comes wielding a harmonica and says four gerkins please and make it snappy.

Formulate prefabricated dreams in a tent at midnight. Dont talk to the glowworms and illuminated thou wont be. Be at the fringes,fight minges with toothpicks.Scrap toenails on black boards. Eat snail fishes as much as possible as nutritionally speaking they boost the immune system. Farm barren lands fortnightly. Chew old boots sporadically. Tell the dentist to sling his hook. These are the guidelines set out by your future, leave it be or sniff at it. Be determined to chase marbles down a twisted alley. Love doughnuts be nuts about dough. Fall into a mascot and declare you appreciation of their whereabouts. Walk away swaying like youve been hit for seven which is impossible believe me. Carve answers out of deadbeats. Crane your neck for leverage. Remember to stroke nothing. Kill air/breath loss.

Monday, September 11, 2006


PAMELIA KURSTIN, VIKING MOSES & JEZ RILEY/IME play BG's Dalston 13th Sept BG's in Dalston Wednesday the 13th of September featuring; PAMELIA KURSTIN VIKING MOSES JEZ RILEY / IME and maybe a few suprises.... plus DJ's Pamelia Kurstin: Without doubt Pamelia has created a new, much needed take on the theremin, freeing it from sci-fi nerds and the cheap gimmick approach. She has brought a level of creativity to it that has not been seen before & her improvisations expand and contract to build into a remarkable experience. As for her ability to play walking bass lines on the theremin well, that just shouldnt be possible! She is currently working on a solo cd for John Zorn's Tzadik label & also stole the show in the recent 'Moog' film. Bob Moog himself regarded her as the best theremin player he'd seen. Pamelia says: "about ten years ago, I saw that documentary by Steven martin about the theremin and from that point on became hooked on it. my career began as a thereminist when I was playing bass with this band called Geggy Tah in Los Angeles. shortly after I picked it up, by chance I met Steven martin, who made the theremin film, and after he heard me he introduced me to Clara Rockmore and Bob Moog----the theremin orchestra has as many as 16 different parts, I record them all one at a time, or I use looping pedals and perform/record/playback all of the parts live when I perform solo... kind of like that frippertronics thing, no pussyfooting----currently, I am working on a solo album for John Zorn's label Tzadik --- October 2005 I moved to Vienna." Listen; Viking Moses "Many musicians adopt a bohemian persona to fit their music, but Viking Moses is the real deal. Living a nomadic life for nearly a decade now, Brendon Massei has released banjo and acoustic guitar albums under several names. Perpetually on tour (since 1996), he has played with Will Oldham, Cat Power, Songs: Ohia and Devendra Banhart, to name a few, yet Masseis body of work has received little commercial or critical attention. His newest full-length under the Viking Moses moniker, the story-song cycle Crosses, is by far his most accomplished work, and ranks among the best of the newest crop of American folk recordings. For anyone who has seen Massei perform live, the delicate mood of Crosses may come as a bit of a surprise. While a Viking Moses show often finds Massei on his knees wailing like a man possessed, Crosses consists of nothing more than a softly picked nylon-string acoustic guitar, a bass, and some piano flourishes, with Masseis trademark baritone rarely reaching its cathartic heights. The simplicity of the music allows Masseis lyrics, with their roughly sketched narrative, to be the albums centerpiece. In My Husbands Hand, Massei imagines himself in Emmas place, watching a group of children and feeling his/her biological clock ticking. At just a minute and a half, it epitomizes the albums precision just over 30 minutes without a single unnecessary note." by Jon Pitt, Dusted Magazine Jez Riley / ime; Jez says; "Having started to improvise some 28 years ago (at an early age !) my music has been based in emotion rather than theoretical or technical approaches. For me improvisation is as about intuition and finding a way to allow the music itself to reach its singing point. Alongside my work with the guitar I have used clear input methods since the mid 1980's, piano, guzheng, shamisen, music boxes, percussion and various small instruments and objects. I have also made field recordings for most of my adult life and use these in performance at times. Since 1991 I have used the phrase intuitive music rather than improvisation to describe my way of exploring music. Listen; Having started off runing Uncle Sam's Folk we will now be running nights at BG's on the first saturday of each month. This is a one off mid week event. BG's is a small club at the back of the Shacklewell Arms. 71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston 4 pounds on the door. Doors open 8pm music from 9pm divers or loons

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This will be white on black! Front of tee. Support the cause.


Hello some work at last? amazed are you? perhaps not. Anyways hope you like them. Egg eyed is avaliable if you email me comes in a zine called claw off cuts of bivouac. Poisoned Philistine as I said is being screenprinted soon!

Other stuff you can buy my tees from me email me and I can send one out see pic posted. the tees will be black with white print on the front of the tee all sizes available. I have pay pal for although those technical loser geeks.

happy saturday.

Up the irons.


This is egg eyed jack he's pleased to meet you

Sample will post more

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Carry on the mayhem



Aum Sharib Are the band I saw. You can get them on i think. Still inking in and have forgotten my memory(stick).

One day there will be something interesting on here

Cut up your comics and make a new story now. Be a preducer rather than a consuming. keep the wheels turning on the the high way. YOU DIG.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Job centre action which is fun. Then my rooms being fixed up with some nice new things to keep the mice out. Stuart Little must die hahaha.

Issue 4 is done gonna leave it for a while the ideas werent flowing in the same way as the other issues and need to spend time with the drawing more. This project started as a lark its turning into a mission. Theres so much you can do with narrative, symbols etc.

Feel like i need to bounce ideas off people.

Check and for more of my work.

When I remember to bring my memory stick ill post my stuff.


Monday, September 04, 2006


Hello there all

Had a good weekend went to see Christian Silva which was cool. They played a great set ones to watch. Good sounds and plenty of magners so had a headache on saturday. This was healed by England winning five nil to be expected really wish crouchy got a hat trick but you cant have everything.

Then I went to the shacklehouse arms in dalston. Where there were some great live acts playing which I dont remember the names of however I will post a link on here.

I started a painting on saturaday-A giant running through tribal terroitory. Just praticing my technique really. Will post this also.

Today Ive been drawing my comics 4th issue hard work. Its way longer than I thought it would be. Will post all three issues. Which will be available soon.

bye for now.

Pictures are coming I promise.